Time Tangled Island Guide

Land on Time Tangled Island, if you aren’t there already. Go past a building that says ‘Party Time Tower’ and talk to the woman crying outside of a building called ‘Pendulum’s Lab’.

She’ll ask you to follow her inside. Do it, and then walk to the right and talk to her, and then the man in an apron. Then go downstairs and push the pulg until it connects with the outlet, and then go through the activated time machine. You’ll meet yourself, but you’re 50 years older.

Time Periods
2012 AD – LAB – Main Street
0328 BC – man in golden armor – Ancient Greece
0831 AD – man in Viking suit – Vikings
1387 AD – lady with pink turban – Mali Empire
1516 AD – bearded man – Da Vinci’s Workshop
1519 AD – man with headdress – Aztec Empire
1593 AD – armored Asian man – Great Wall of China
1776 AD – man with black hat – The Graff House
1805 AD – man with beaver cap – Lewis and Clark
1877 AD – young man – Edison’s Workshop
1882 AD – French man – Statue of Liberty
1953 AD – man in blue hoodie – Mount Everest
Ancient Greece: Golden Vase
Vikings: Thor’s Amulet
Mali Empire: Salt Rocks
Da Vinci’s Workshop: Notebook
Aztec Empire: Sun Stone Piece
Great Wall of China: Stone Bowl
The Graff House: Declaration of Independence
Lewis and Clark: Peace Medal
Edison’s Workshop: Phonograph
Statue of Liberty: Statue Model
Mount Everest: Climbing Goggles
Climbing Goggles: In the Aztec Empire, and a guard is wearing them, the guard will give them to you if you are wearing the Warrior’s Mask( see last list).
Statue Model: The very top peak of Mount Everest you can get to.
Phonograph: On top of the treasury building( the guards are standing in front of it) in Ancient Greece. You have to climb up onto the building that the Oracle(a person) is in. It helps to have the Glider when getting it( see last list).
Peace Medal: Hanging on the pulley system in Da Vinci’s Workshop. First climb onto the middle platform, making the top one come closer so you can jump on it. Get on the top platform, you will go down but the bottom platform will come out. Jump onto the bottom platform and from there jump and try to touch the shiny silver circle. If you touch it, then you’ve got the Peace Medal.
Declaration of Independence: In the Mali Empire( watch out for snakes) there will be a place called “Timbuktu Inn”. A document merchant is in there. Piece together a puzzle for him to get the Declaration of Independence.
Stone Bowl: Go to Lewis and Clark’s campsite. There will be a tree that has the words “Clark was here” cut into it. Climb the tree and wait for a beaver to come out, he has the bowl on his head.
Sun Stone Piece: On top of Edison’s Workshop. Go to the left and jump on the car. Click the circle-thingy that lights up and the car will go and stop under the tree. Climb up the tree and onto the house.
Notebook: Go to the Statue of Liberty. Climb so your on the very top platform of the wooden stilts. Jump to your left. You will land on a ledge. The Notebook is on the ledge below that.
Salt Rocks: If you go to the Graff House and climb the tree, then jump onto the roof, they are in a bag right there.
Thor’s Amulet: Go to the Great Wall of China and pass the construction zone. A man will be wearing the amulet. If you beat him in a memory game he will give it to you.
Golden Vase: This is most definitely the hardest. Go to the Great Wall of China and pick up a barrel of explosives. Go to where the Vikings are and climb onto the first cliff. Click the rock-pile and run. It should blow up. Pick up the torch and go inside. You only have a little while before your torch goes out to find the vase. It will also go out if you step in water.
Warrior’s Mask: In the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him and he’ll give his mask to you.
The Glider: Da Vinci gives it to you when you give him his notebook.
The Viking Suit: It’s laying on the second cliff where the Vikings are, use the Glider to get there.


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