Shark Tooth Island Guide

Land on Shark Tooth Island, and go right and get the coconut milk and the shark fin from the vendors.

Turn right into the ‘Ancient Ruins’ and move the huge block, and then climb the vine until you get to the second platform, then jump so that you land on the top of the huge shark building, and get the piece of paper. Then jump of the building and go into the building. Go as far left as possible until you see a piece of equipment. Enter the word ‘OPEN’ using the symbols on the machine-thingy.

Go left. Get past that huge golden shark sculpture –Beware the huge caterpillar– when you get to the sliding platform, fall purposely. Then you’ll see the bone. Take it. Then go back up, ride the sliding platform to the other side, and go left.

When you get to the next room, just head right until you get to a vase of slop (the Key Ingredient) on a glowing pedestal. Once you’ve gotten that, just go up. Go right, past Ancient Ruins all the way to Booga Bay. Get a grass skirt. Then go back to Ancient Ruins, move the block, and go all the way up. Talk to the Medicine Man, and he’ll give you a potion.

Go back to Booga Bay and through the water, and get to the ‘Feed the Shark’ cannon. Click on it, and the coconut will be shot out of the cannon, and Booga will swallow it and get sick. Then go right and got on the island with the kid and old man stranded. Talk to the old man, and then take them to the shore of Booga Bay. The woman holding the purse will thank you, and the old man will give you a medallion. YAY!


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