Red Dragon Island Guide

1. Hover your blimp over to your newest adventure, Red Dragon Island. When you arrive, head all of the way to the right until you see a swinging tire. Move your mouse towards it and click ENTER. You’ll see a bunch of stars fly through the air, and eventually you’ll see Jack and Annie.

2. Jack and Annie will leave the area. Head over to the swinging tire, and jump on it until it snaps. Roll the tire all the way to the left and click GO LEFT. You’ll notice the tire came along with you. Roll it all the way to the right until you reach the end, and once again click GO LEFT.

3. Roll your tire over the green hills until you reach a ladder hanging down from a tree. Before you climb up, pick up the red sunglasses. Now, hop on to the black tire and bounce on to the ladder. Climb up the ladder, and meet Jack and Annie.

4. Annie will explain that Jack is cranky because he lost his sunglasses. Go in to your inventory, and hand him over the red sunglasses that you had picked up earlier prior to climbing up the ladder.

5. Jack will thank you for handing him back his glasses. Now, walk to the very left side of the tree house and pick up the green book entitled ‘Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Home Town USA’. Now, walk up to Annie and select ‘How does it work?’. She will then lead you to a red book entitled ‘A Journey to Old Japan’. Pick it up. Now, go to your inventory and select USE.

6. Your tree house will start shaking, and then after a while will actually start moving. After a couple of seconds, you’ll be in Ol’ Ancient Japan! Exit the tree house. Jack and Annie will give you a Magic Amulet that transports you back to the tree house whenever needed. Now, walk all the way to the left until you see two security guards. They will throw you in to prison for not having a passport.

7. Talk to the old guy in the prison. He’ll explain to you that you cannot get out as the security is very tight. Go in to your inventory, and select USE on the Magic Amulet that was given to you by Jack and Annie.

8. Exit the tree house. This time, go all the way to the left until you reach a red bridge. The gate will be open, so ENTER. Talk to the lady inside the building until she offers you a Kimono. Choose whatever color you’d like, and then go in to your inventory. Select COSTUMIZE under the Kimono, and put on all of the clothing. After you’ve done so, you’ll find a passport hidden in one of the pockets. Exit the building.

9. Go all the way left towards the security guards again. This time, since you have a passport, they’ll let you proceed. When you enter the next room, you’ll witness Jack and Annie getting caught with no passport. They’ll be taken away by security guards.

10. Go across the red bridge, and enter the next room. Walk all the way left until you spot a rotten green fish sitting on a large staircase. Pick it up, and head right towards the bridge again. Walk all the way across the bridge again, until you reach the other side. You’ll notice a stairway that goes lower in to the ground.

11. Go down to the water. There, you’ll notice a boat. Hop on to the boat, and select USE under your Rotten Fish. The guy on the boat with encourage you to capture the Kappa. This game is a bit tricky, as it differentiates. What I did was shoot the bees from the beehive toward the tree. After that, I pushed the big rock on to the hole. I then lit the wood on fire. Place the frog in the middle, and point the beehive down at the net. This should catch the Kappa.

12. The man on the boat then takes credit for it. Head on over to the hill where you came from (to the right), and climb up to the bridge again. Walk across the bridge, and in to the room again. This time walk passed the staircase in which you found the Rotten Fish. Walk all the way to the end, and click GO LEFT. Walk left until you pick up the Bag of Mortar. Head all the way back to the red bridge.

13. Walk up to the person on the bridge. Go in to your inventory, and click USE under the Bag of Mortar. You will now be required to fix the bridge. Place the pieces on the bridge until they are all in the correct position. After you fix the bridge, you’ll notice sumo wrestlers beginning to walk across it.

14. Walk left back to where you came from. Head all the way to the left until you’ve reached the staircase in which you found the Green Rotten Fish. Head up the staircase, and talk to the girl. She’ll explain that no one has seen the Ninja Master in a long time. Go to the right until you reach the rock wall. A Parchment will fall. Pick it up. Go to your inventory, and click EXAMINE under the Parchment.

15. The Parchment will say that the Ninja Master’s name is Basho, and that he is most likely to be located on the West side of the island. Close your inventory, and go back down the rock staircase. Head left all the way towards the location in which you found the Bag of Mortar. Enter the house again, and speak to the old man. He’ll tell you that Basho was last located in the market buying some eggs.

16. Head back to the market. Go right until you locate a security guard. Walk up to the security guard and ask to help. In this game, you’ll need to find the guilty one by using what they say as clues. The order that they should go in is as follows (from first to last):

1. The person that claims he/she was not next to anyone with a hat.
2. The person that claims he/she was not next to anyone with glasses or a mustache.
3. The person that claims he/she was next to somebody with a mustache.
4. The person that claims he/she was next to the person in the middle.
5. The person that claims he/she was behind someone with a hat.

The fifth person is claimed guilty and taken away by the security guards. Before leaving, the security guard asks you to bring his betting slip to the sumo match.

17. Head right and go across the red bridge again. Pick up the Bonsai Sissors located in the middle of the bridge. Keep walking right and click GO RIGHT. Head right until you reach the building in which you got the Kimono suit. Talk to the lady again, she’ll mention that her Bonsai Trees need trimming. Go in to your inventory, and click USE under your Bonsai Sissors.

18. This game is tricky. You’ll need to trim the leaves off of the Bonsai to match the example picture exactly! One mistake will cost you a loss. After successfully trimming the Bonsai Tree, a man in a black suit will walk in and ask how much the Bonsai are. The lady will sell them for 100 Yen, and he’ll walk away.

19. Head right all the way to the market. Keep heading right until you reach the sumo match. Walk up the staircase. This time the gate will be open, walk in. Walk right until you reach the sumo-wrestler and the guy in the black suit. He’ll ask you to copy notations for him. This game isn’t difficult, just match the picture on the left. This doesn’t have to be exact, but if you’re to far off it won’t count. There’s several notations that you need to do before proceeding on with the island.

20. When you’re done copying notations, head all the way right until you meet the other sumo-wrestler. This sumo-wrestler is too scared to be in the ring with Yokozuna. Select ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’, and take his place in the ring. Facing Yokozuna is quite easy, just keep avoiding his attacks. Eventually, his face will turn red and he’ll charge towards you. Avoid this, and he should miss you, resulting with him falling out of the ring. You must time this right, however!

21. When you beat Yokozuna, security guards will come and ask to see your passport. The old man you saw earlier, Basho, will come and defend you. The security guards asked that it don’t happen again, and they walk off.

22. Basho asks that you meet him at his house. Descend from the sumo area, and head left until you get to his house. He’ll be standing at the front door. Your ninja training will begin.

23. First, he’ll ask that you put on your ninja clothing. Click COSTUMIZE under the Ninja Outfit in the bottom right corner, and put all of the clothing on. He’ll first explain to you the Shuko. This can be used for climbing walls. Now, you need to reach the red ribbon. Walk up to the second tree, climb up and then jump on to the first branch. From there, getting the red ribbon is a piece of cake! Just do a slight jump from the branch up to the ribbon.

24. Next, he’ll explain to you the Throwing Stars. To bring down the bag, simply point your arrow to the support string and click space. To bring out the candle, point your arrow at the flame and click space. Now, he’ll explain the Smoke Bombs. These can be used for temporarily blinding guards, which you’ll need later on in this island. Climb up the second tree, and jump on to the first branch once again. From here, this should be fairly easy. Just point your arrow at the dumby and click space.

25. Second to last, he’ll explain the Bo Staff. Jump down from the branch, making sure you are on the ground. Tap the space bar and defend yourself from all of the objects he throws your way. The run and tap objective is a bit tricky. Simply go all the way to the right. Now, tap space bar and run towards the blue ribbon. Release space bar right before you reach the first tree. This should launch you up to the blue ribbon. Lastly, he’ll tell you about the Grappling Hook. This is by far the easiest to use. While on the branch that holds the blue ribbon, click the metal ring on the branch above.

26. Your training is complete. Head on outside, until you reach Basho. He’ll ask you to fix his wall as your final training exercise. Just place the pieces on the wall correctly, and exit. This wasn’t really a training exercise, he just wanted his wall fixed!

27. Basho will ask that you bring him the Shogun as the two have unfinished business with eachother. Head right, back to the staircase in which you found the Green Rotten Fish. Head back up, and go right until you reach the rock wall. You can now climb it, so hop on and climb up!

28. When you’re at the top, click GO RIGHT. Climb up the walls. This could get tricky, so don’t get fustrated if you can’t seem to pull it off — keep trying! When you reach the top of the first set of climbing, jump to the other side and climb up the rope. When you’re at the top of the rope, slide to the right and fall on to the climbing wall. Climb up some more. At a certain point you’ll have to dodge moving logs. This can be very hard, so make sure your timing it right.

29. When you reach the top, click GO LEFT. This room is very easy. Walk forward and drop. Take out your Smoke Bomb and blind the security guard. Run past him, and climb up the back wall. At the top of the wall, jump on to the window ledge and then enter the window.

30. You’re now at Level 1. Walk up to the blocking green obstacle, and throw a Spike at the support rope by pointing your arrow at it and clicking the space bar.

31. Proceed further until you reach the first security guard. You’ll need to use your Grappling Hook in this situation. Simply click the metal ring. When you’ve reached the other side, keep going left until you reach a piece of paper on the ground. Pick it up, and turn back. Go towards the security guard again. This time, you’ll need to knock him out with a Smoke Bomb. When he’s blinded, descend. You’ll be on a lower support panel. Throw a Smoke Bomb at the security guard in the long hall, and run towards the other side. Climb up the wall, and grab the key. Head back, blinding the security guard once again, until you reach the low support panel. Throw a Spike at the support string holding up the giant barrel. Jump on to the barrel. Now, click the metal ring and use your grappling hook to get to the other side. Climb up the wall and enter the gate.

32. You’re now at Level 2. In this level, you’ll need to throw Spikes at the lighting objects to put out the light. Put out the most light possible, avoiding all security guards. Make it to the bottom. Blind the last security guard and head right until you reach the little hole. Go down the hole, and use your Grappling Hook by clicking the metal ring. Grapple across the room and grab the key. Grapple back, and descend to the guard. Blind him with a Smoke Bomb and run past him. Climb up the panels, and grab on to the rope. Make sure to pick up the piece of paper on the ground located on the right panel. Grab it, and head back on to the rope. Go all the way up, and blind the security guard using your Smoke Bomb. Run quickly past him, and climb up the wall. Grapple by clicking the metal ring, and hop off when you’re body is the farthest left it can go. Go down the hall, and enter the gate.

33. You’re now at Level 3. Blind the first security guard, and put out the first light using a Spike. Go right and down the hole. Blind the second security guard, and go all the way left, grab hold of the wall, and jump over and land on the ground. Walk up the ramp (make sure to avoid the spikes from the machine), and throw a spike at the green obstacle’s support rope. Blind the security guard located right past the green obstacle, and proceed. Blind the next security guard, and run past (grabbing the piece of paper on the ground). Climb up the wall, and throw a Spike at the support rope of the large crate. This will block the path of you and the security guard. Climb up, jump on the support panel and grab the key. Hop back on to the wall and climb all of the way up. Blind the security guard at the top, and throw a Spike at the support rope of the green obstacle (this may take a couple of tries as you can’t really see it). When successful, move across to the open hole. Go down the hole, and land on the wall that shoots out spikes. Grapple by clicking the metal ring. While you’re in the air, throw a Spike at the support rope of the green obstacle blocking you and the gate’s way. When successful, hop off of the rope and enter the gate.

34. You will now meet Shogun. He will tell you not to touch him or Jack and Annie will be locked up forever. Simply throw a spike at the support rope of the cage in which they are trapped. The cage will fall, allowing them to escape. Shogun will attempt to use the magic wand to his advantages, but fails by getting the Red Dragon’s attention.

35. Climb up the mountain until you reach the top. Climb up on to the Blue Dragon, and defeat the Red Dragon. To defeat the Red Dragon, click and hold your mouse button down while moving until he dies. Make sure he doesn’t destroy all of the buildings first!

36. Shogun and Basho will be talking. Go in to your inventory, and click USE under your Medallion. Transport back to the tree house and finish Poptropica Red Dragon Island.


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