Reality TV Island Guide

Go to Reality TV Island on the map and land on Main Street. Go inside Mike’s Market. Go and talk to the guy thats on the right. He will go run and will drop a magazine. Get it! Then, open it up. Click next after the magazine is loaded. Click on the blue application and it will appear in your inventory. Then, walk out of Mike’s Market and go inside the Motel Office of the Motel. Go right and go grab a free pen. Then, click on the telephone. The phone number you need to dial is: 555 – 7383 (555-PETE).

After that, go outside and talk to the pizza lady. She will give you the pizza box. (Note: if you have the costume collector, save the pizza box so you can get it again.) Then jump up and knock on the door that says “4B”. Then, the door will open. Go inside the room. Go talk to that guy with the white coat. Can it be ….. Bucky Lucas? *gasps* Anyways, give him the pizza box. Next, use every word bubble. Use the third bubble and Bucky will give you a stamp. After he gives you the stamp, go outside and run to the right. Go inside the TV store. Click on any TV.

After that, you will say “It says to send applications to 123 Star Avenue, Hollywood”. Now go outside and stand where the mailbox is. Go into your inventory and click “Examine” on the application. Then type in why you want to be on Reality TV. You should type something like this: I want to be famous! Then click close when you are done. Next, go into your inventory again and click “Use” on the stamp. Your character will stick the stamp on the application. After you stick the stamp on the application, click on the mailbox. Then, your character will take the application and put the it inside the mailbox. The next day comes.

Then your character comes and says “I don’t believe it!”. Then, look. You will see the Reality TV helicopter. Next, your character will say “I made it! I’m on the show!”. Then, jump to the roof of the motel and step inside the helicopter when you are ready. After the game is loaded for you, click start. You’ll see you and 7 other contestants. The 7 other contestants are non-players.

List Of All Non-Playes Of The Show:

Betty Brownie

Betty Jetty

Black Widow

Brett Batter

Busy Bob

Cathy Codex

Chef Jeff

Dr. Hare

Director D.

Freddy Fry

Grandma Gracey

Grandpa Grum

Helen Hiker

Hip Hop

Hippie Harry

Lassie Lasso

Magic Mervin

Merry Muse

Ned Noodlehead

Richie Rebel

Rickie Rock

Sally Score

Sarah Snooty

Sickly Skull

Slim Slam

But there will be only 8 contestants on the show. You and 7 other contestants. Click start when you are ready to begin the first challenge. Alright, you want to win the whole show, right? Well, you have to master all the challenges so you cannot be voted out. Anytime you come back for another season, the challenges will be mixed. There will be 7 challenges in one season.

Here’s a tip for every challenge so you cannot be voted out.

Balanced Diet – Don’t lose your cool when something new is added. You need to keep moving your cursor (you move your cursor where the white circle is).

Boulder Push – Click as fast as you can to get these big rocks rolling.

Coconut Catch – Try to catch the coconuts that come in groups of three to bump your total faster.

Geyser Guess – It takes luck to win this, not skill!

Hang Glider – Hang back from the other contestants a bit so you can see what’s coming toward you. Let somebody else take that hit.

Knockout – See what plates the other players are targeting, and join up with them to eliminate the competition before you’re eliminated.

On The Line – Plan ahead! Try to predict the movements of the fish when you see them.

Mountain Climb – Stay as close to the front of the screen as possible.

Pole Climb – when you see a coconut coming towards you, jump to another pole. Do not get hit!

Shot Put – The best angle for each shot is a little bit above the center line. Also, make sure you’re at full power when you click on the power bar.

Shuffleboard – It’s good to get your puck close to the target – but knocking your opponents’ pucks away from the target is just as important.

Totem Hop – Your totem will shake before it drops. Don’t jump on a totem that will drop. Jump on a totem that won’t drop at the same second.

Turtle Toss – Once you make a successful throw, don’t move your cursor again.

Water Run – The pig will knock you over and spill your jug every time, so steer clear.

After you do a challenge, you get to vote for someone to get voted off. If you are lucky, somebody else will get voted off and you’ll get to stay. Click on the character you want to vote off. After you win or lose the last challenge, you will get sent home. If you win, you will get sent home and you will talk to the guy and he will give you the medal. Congratulations! He will also give you 50 credits if you haven’t restarted the island before.



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