Nabooti Island Guide

Step 1: Guide your yellow Poptropica blimp to Nabooti Island, on the left side of the map close to the middle. Click on the island.

Step 2: Once you arrive to the island, you will arrive by a hut. Go to the left where you will see a door with a mask on it. Enter the hut.

Step 3: You will arrive at the museum! Guide your player to the left of the room, then go down the rope, and then walk to the right until you see a man next to a sign that says “Nabooti” with a tall statue with two jewels.

Step 4: Click on him and ask “Why are most of the jewels missing?” After he asks you if you would like to uncover the missing jewels, say “Yes! I’m In!” Then he will hand you a map of Africa to give to the pilot.

Step 6: Exit the museum and go west until you see a pilot next to an airplane. Go inside the plane and click “Fly.” Now you can guide your plane to certain places in Africa. First guide your plane to Mountains of the Moon, towards east of Africa.

Step 8: Now keep going east, watch out for the falling stones and goats until you reach as far as you can go. Now, wait for the goat to come your way, and let it hit you, so you will go flying up to the cliff.

Step 9: Now jump up the tree until you see a lady. She is collecting cactus figs and there is one that is too high for her to reach. Go on top of the rock and jump up until you reach the cactus fig, it will go in your backpack. The lady will allow you to keep it.

Step 10: Now go to the right, and over the waterfall. watch out for goats and falling stones! Keep going up the small cliffs, and watch for the slippery ice.

Step 11: Keep going north until you reach a man guarding a cave. You must beat him in a game of Mancala and he will grant you access to the cave. If you do not know how to play, there is steps in the game that help you.

Step 12: Once you defeat the man, go inside the cave. Go to the right and jump on the small cliffs until you reach the end until you see the Red Jewel. Pick it up, you have gotten the first jewel of the adventure!

Step 13: After you get the jewel, go all the way to the bottom of the cave and to the left, you will see a cell phone, pick it up. You will need it later. Now exit the cave and find your way back to the airplane. Then, guide your plane to Blue Nile Falls. Go up the hills until you see a lady next to a chicken, feed, and a fox.

Step 15: Talk to the lady and ask “How can I help?” and she will ask you how to get everything across. Here is how: Pick up the chicken and take it across. Go back and pick up the wolf. Take the wolf to the other side. Pick up the chicken and take it to the other side.

Then, take the feed and put it to the other side. Now go to the other side, pick up the chicken, and put it to the other side. You did it. Your reward is a secret she will tell you. There is a hidden cave behind the large bush behind the waterfall.

Step 16: Go to the hidden cave behind the waterfall. Go inside and jump on the tall, small cliffs until you reach the Purple Jewel! Pick it up. Then exit the cave and go to the top of the mountain all the way to the left and pick up the Egyptian Blue Lily.

Step 18: Now go into the airplane, and fly back to Nabooti. Go to the 3 people who want to trade. Talk to the middle woman, trade your Egyptian Blue Lily for a Desert Turban.

Step 19: Put the turban on and fly to Giza, north of Africa. Once you arrive, a worker will notice you and hand you a shovel. Now talk to the man all the way to the right of Giza. On the shovel is his cell phone number. The number is 555 6789. Call it, he will go into the tent. Click on his backpack and you will find a Moon Stone.

Step 21: Go west and climb up the statue and go to the top where there is a ring. Click your backpack and use the Moon Stone. A door on the bottom will open. Jump off and enter the passage. Then go to your right and you will notice a block with four rectangles. When you click on it, you will have to solve a puzzle. The rectangles must all be in a horizontal shape.

To solve it, first click on the rectangle number 1. After that, click on rectangle number 3. Finally, click on rectangle umber 4 and you will complete the puzzle. Now head to your right and jump on top of the platform. Make sure to avoid the scorpion. Keep going right. Find your way to the small platforms.

Find four blocks. This will be your next puzzle.

Step 22: Once you find the four blocks, arrange them so they match the pattern that is on the wall. In order for you to finish this puzzle, you need to put each block in the correct place.

Step 23: When all the blocks match with the pattern, the door should open, and you can continue to the next step. If you mess up during the puzzle, you can start over by clicking the “Reset” button. Once you enter through the door, jump over the smaller platforms and proceed past the pottery. You will then arrive at the third puzzle.

Step 24: In this puzzle, you have to jump over pictures, not any pictures, but the right ones. If you jump over one of the wrong pictures, they will collapse on you. The correct pictures to jump over are, jump over the one with the girl. Then, jump over the one that has an oval and a squiggly line. After that, jump over the picture with the bird and the staff. After that one, go ahead and jump over the picture with the boat and the eye. Lastly, climb up the rope and proceed to the next part.

Step 25: Once you are at the top of the rope, you will see 2 statues. These statues look like people. For this puzzle, you have to pull levers in a specific order. You have to pull the levers fast, because sand will fall out, and it will start to rise. Like the last puzzle, if you mess up, just hit the “Reset” button and you can start the puzzle again. The correct order for pulling down levers is the fourth column, the second column, then is the third column, and then the fourth column.

Step 26: Once you have pulled down the levers correctly, the sand will stop rising. Go up to the sarcophagus, and obtain the blue jewel. You can leave this temple by going backwards.

Step 27: Now, go to the Kaya Forests. Pull the red fig onto the ground. The turtle will then wake up. It will head to the red fig to eat it.

Step 28: Go to the spot where the turtle was sleeping and dig it up with a shovel. After you dig up the spot, you will receive an elephant toy. Two ghosts will appear.

Step 29: Talk to the ghost on the left. He will give you a Fingo, for your reward.

Step 30: Head back to the plane, you will head back to Nabooti. Talk to the trader in a blue shirt. That trader will offer you a Fingo for the elephant toy. If you press “Accept”, the Fingo will go in your inventory.

Step 31: Get back on the plane to Kaya Forests. Go to the ghost, and tell him that you have found the Fingo. You will receive the green jewel. Head over to the Safari.

Step 32: Walk over to Big Zeke. He will ask you to take seven photos of wild animals. The first animal is the giraffe. It is located in the middle, right next to the tree. The zebra is located near the stream. Look in the bottom right hand corner, you will find a Gazelle. The lion is next to the zebra, hiding in the bush. In the water, there is an alligator. It is located next to the giraffe. Look on the right, you will find an elephant. In the top left hand corner, there is a bird.

Step 33: Big Zeke will give you his old mining hat. Put the old mining hat on, and fly over to Diamond Mines.

Step 34: Once you reach Diamond Mines, run all the way to the right. Go past the electrical fuses until you reach a control box. You need to turn off the electrical fence, click on the switch to do so. The fence will not stay off for a long amount of time, it will turn back on.

Step 35: Run to the top of the dirt mound, and jump across the metal. Keep running across until you fall into a gap. Jump onto the barrel of explosives, then jump into the hole. You are now moving to the next step.

Step 36: There are ramps that you have to navigate through, avoiding the carts. Keep on navigating until you reach the chute where the carts came from. Once you see the first rock, put down the barrel of explosives. Push the green button on the wall. Then, the rock will explode.

Step 37: Do the same thing again, but this time, push the barrels to the rock wall. The rocks will explode, and make a new passageway.

Step 38: Go through the new passageway. Push the mining cart, and get in. You will then ride off!

Step 39: You will have to jump over the obstacles when the signs say to do so. After you have finished the mini puzzle, jump on platforms until you find a black rock with diamonds inside.

Step 40: A mini game will appear. You will have to complete this mini game to find the Nabooti diamond. This diamond is the final jewel. You will know if it is the Nabooti diamond because it has a piece inside it, that can only be seen with a magnifying glass. Once you find it, it will go into your inventory. You can leave by doing up the rope!

Step 41: Congratulations! You have found every jewel in this island. Head over to Nabooti, and into the museum. Walk over to the monument, and talk with the lady. The lady will give you some clues into putting the jewels into the correct order. The order for the jewels is Purple, green, red, white, blue, orange, and yellow.

You will receive the Nabooti Island Medallion and 50  Poptropica credits! Congratulations!

You have successfully completed Nabooti Island.


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