Game Show Island Guide

* OPTIONAL * Go left into the Museum, where you will view a short video that details how the robots have taken over the planet. Talk to the curator to learn about his toolkit. Exit the museum.
1) Go left, and climb to the top of the Robo-Bling Boutique (multiplayer room) where you will find the toolkit.
* OPTIONAL * Go right to the Club Noveau Riche, where you are mistaken for an A/C repairman. Talk to the robo-owner inside, who asks you to find a way to cool him off.
2) Go far left to the Factory. Inside, the conveyor is not working. Climb up and use the crane to reach the circuit breaker box at upper right.
3) *Jump off left halfway up, and use the computer control to lift the wall at upper right.
4) Finish going up, and go right to the breaker box. Use the screwdriver (place and turn counterclockwise) to remove the screws, then reset the breaker for the factory. The workman will give you a small but very powerful fan.
5) Go all the way back to the Club and use the fan, and the owner gives you a nickel.
6) Go all the way back to the factory, and past it, to meet the homeless guy. Give him the nickel and he gives you a pair of thermal goggles.
7) Go all the way back to the Club (getting tired?) and go upstairs inside. When you use the goggles at the bar, upper left, you will see something move in the vent.
8) Go outside, and climb to the small doorway near the roof at the right side. (If there is a game ad there, you can jump left from it. Otherwise, use the fan to lift you to the door. You can actually fly with it! Click at lower left to turn it off.)
9) Use the toolkit to open the door panel (unscrew the cover).
10) Go inside to find the Inventor, who blocks your path and runs. Roll the Victrola phonograph into the elevator to get past, then climb at the right side.
11) When the inventor escapes, use your goggles on the keypad. The numbers he pressed will appear warmer : blue the first number, green the second, yellow the third, and red the fourth and latest. Press the numbers (2014 and enter) and follow the Inventor up to the roof.
12) He will explain what you have to do and give you the remote control for his VTOL jet. (you do not have to watch the whole video) Call it and fly away.
* You must get the most points, and win all five games. You can try as many times as you need.

First Game Show – Istanbul (you can play them in any order without problems)

13) Go far right and climb up to where the workman is working on the Hagia Sophia towers.
14) Relocate the minaret from the second to the fourth pedestal. The process: label the tower pieces A, B, C, D and the three pedestals 2, 3, and 4. The fastest relocation is fifteen moves – A3, B4, A4, C3, A2, B3, A3, D4, A4, B2, A2, C4, A3, B4, A4. You get the ticket to compete on Scaredy Pants.
15) Use the ticket to start the show. There are three challenges.
16) Darkness Dive – swim down, right, down, left, down, and then right to reach the glow stick. The secret here is to *wait* for the octopus creatures to move away. Trying to rush through will get you shocked.
17) Creeper Keepers – Grab the rats, spiders, and snakes as fast as you can. You only have to raise them a tiny bit above the bin openings to get them in. If you can’t pick the last one up, move a little to the side of it.
18) Tightrope Terror – tilt to the right to roll across, but don’t let the color bar go all the way to the right or you will fall.
19) Call the jet and continue on to the second city.

Second Game Show – Miami

20) Go right to the Seashell Motel where the robot hosts of Spin For Riches are squabbling. Ventana will be throwing each of the three prize disks off a balcony.
21) Tilt the awnings to provide short drops all the way to the ground. You will win the ticket to compete on the show.
22) The show is similar to “Wheel of Fortune” in that you try to solve the puzzle by revealing some of the letters. However, you may land on the Lose A Turn (Rad symbol) or on a letter section where you have no choice what to play. You can choose any letters, even vowels, if you land on a question mark. The key is to solve the puzzles as soon as you know them, because it is difficult to win otherwise, even if you get a lot of 100 point letters. Play three puzzles and win.
23) Call the jet and continue on to the third city.

Third Game Show – Buenos Aires

24) The clock tower of the Torre Monumental, at far left, is not working because the wires are not connected properly. Have the strong robot rotate the rings to line up the wires. Turning the outer ring, inner ring, then middle ring should line them all up across the center. Get the ticket to Kerplunk.
25) The game is essentially a “Wipeout” clone. On the first stage, dodge the boots and jump from the spring keys before they launch you. On the second stage, control your motion when you are thrown by the bag, and use the lighted columns to help you jump across the floating platforms. On the third stage, jump to the platforms that were just opened, and behind the rolling balls. Get the fastest time to win the rounds.
26) Call the jet and continue to the fourth city.

Fourth Game Show – Moscow

27) Go right to where the Air Traffic robot has forgotten the landing code.
28) The game is not immediately obvious, but the object is to get the correct four colored lights on any row. There are 4 possible colors for each light : blue, yellow, purple, or orange.
The quickest way takes only 4 floors. For the first level (bottom) leave them all blue and test it to see which of the windows is correct (green light will glow under it). Go up to the next level, change the right ones to blue and change the wrong ones all to yellow, then test again. On the third floor, whichever windows were neither blue nor yellow, try as purple. (Each time you go up, you have to change the ones that were right to that same proper color.) On the 4th level, any that were not blue, yellow, or purple must be orange.
29) When you get the four colors right, climb up when the helicopter lands and you get the ticket for Brainiacs (a Jeopardy clone).
30) The game uses some of the questions from the Money Ladder demo game, so playing it first will improve your chances. Beat the other two players to win.
31) Call the jet and continue to the final city.

Fifth Game Show – Tokyo

32) Go far right and enter the Service Entrance. You have to restore the power by creating a continuous circuit path.
33) This is the recycled “steam maze” game from Steamworks Island. Quickly click the pipes to flip them and fit the one that leads into it, making a continuous path before the current reaches it. You win the ticket to Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge. There are 3 extremely silly challenges that you have to complete.
– Task One (Spelling Blocks) – The trick here is that the H is on the side of the first Y block, so you change that one and get a Y from the third one, the A.
– Task Two (Hatch Yourself) – Click the egg as rapidly as you can until you emerge.
– Task Three (Bowl Them Over) – Chase the 10 pins and collide with them to knock them out.
34) Complete each of the three before time runs out and Yoshi is amused.
35) Click the metal door behind you to exit Mr. Yoshi’s building. Fly back to Main Street when you have beaten all five game shows.

Main Street – Beating Holmes

36) Back on Main Street, quickly jump down and into the manhole.
37) The Inventor gives you a thumb drive to use against Holmes, but you first have to get by his “security system.”
38) Solve the 4 “slider” puzzles, two on the first level and two on lower levels.
39) Go down into the final chamber and plug the Thumb Drive into Holmes. This restores him to a friendly state and the Inventor gives you the Island Medallion. 40) Climb back up through the hatches to reach Main Street (this may have been an unintentional oversight).


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