24 Carrot Island Guide

When you arrive at 24 Carrot Island, talk to the Mayor. He’ll tell you that all the carrots are disappearing. Go left and go through the chimnney of the house by the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm.

Get the empty bowl, then go back to Main Street back to and go into the Carrot King Diner. Ask the waitress to fill up the bowl with milk, and get back to the house, and your character will automatically place the bowl of milk down. Then go upstairs and run the bath, and a cat will jump out and try to hide from you. Try to force it downstairs.

When the cat gets downstairs, he’ll drink the milk, and then ‘meow’. He’ll be nicer, and follow you everywhere you go. Go right and into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus, and when you talk to Charlie, she’ll take the cat and give you a crowbar.

Go right to the Factory, and climb up the barn-house thingy and get the blueprint.

Then keep going left until you see a tunnel, but it’s tightly shut. Use the crowbar, and it’s going to open. Then go through the tunnel, and go past the opening and closing platforms, and past the rat, until you get into a carrot engine room. Go right until you see 3 button lever things. Push them middle-down-middle. The lights will turn on.

Go up until you catch a ride on the big red magnet. You’ll land on a platform with a broken vent. Go through it. Go down and keep going left until you get to an icy area. Grab the wire cutters, then do down and then right and you’ll see another vent. Go through it.
The robot with bunny ears will get you and you’ll turn white. You’ll end up in a refridgerator room. Click the Security System box thing.

Cut all three of the wires: the red, green and yellow ones. Go up and through the vent. Now look at your map in the corner, and try to get to the PRINTER ROOM. It’s a short trip. Dodge the falling crates and get through. Once you’ve done that, go down. You’ll see a girl in metallic rabbit ears.

Say ‘what’s that behind you?’ She’ll turn around, and you’ll get the oppurtunity to turn off her headset, which you do by clicking the computer-like off button. Now you can leave that area by getting on top of the system printer and jumping up until you get back to the vent. Now you can go back to the icy place, because you cut the security wires. It’s called the ‘Processing Room’, and you get back there with help from the map.

Go through and turn off the headsets of the 2 people down there, and then try to enter the door by the camera, but you’ll go through a trap door instead. Go through the obstacles until you see a bunny-eared robot hat thingy. Go up and put it on, then go through the exit. Try going through the door again with the hat on, and you’ll be allowed access. You’ll see Dr. Hare.

Go up, and you’ll see a boy with the swirly eyes and rabbit ears. Turn off his headset, too. Then, type in the password (fuzzybunny) and then type in the command (launch rabbot). Then you’ll get into a arcade-game thing. You have to crash the rabbot into planets about 4 times. Then congrats! The mayor will give you the medallion!



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