This page contains all sorts of glitches. If you found any glitches that aren’t in the list, leave a comment below.

Simple Easy Glitches:

To randomize your skin,  just do ctrl+shift+s

To Randomize your character, just do ctrl+shift+r


How To Get the Glow Stick:

1. Go to Early Poptropica Island.

2. Go to Poptropica Towers.

3. Put On The Jet Pack.

4. Go Down The Hole.

5. Take Off the Jet Pack.

6. Jump back to Poptropica Towers.

7.  You will have the glow stick!


How To Get The Fire Torch:

1. Go to Time Tangled Island.

2. Go to the Vikings Place.

3. Put on the wings.

4. Go inside the cave.

5. Take off the wings.

6. Walk out of the cave.

7. You will be holding the fire torch!


How To Get The Black Juice:

1. Go to 24 Carrot Island.

2. Go inside the Carrot Diner.

3. Go to the Drinks Part and click it.

4. Select black or any other color.

5. Click drink.

6. While your poptropican is drinking, do ctrl+shift+s

7. Your Mouse will become a swirl.

8. Log out.

9. Log back in.

10. You’ll be holding the Pitcher of Black Juice!

More glitches coming soon!



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